Enjoying your work and well being at your workplace has become very important to us. And it’s so great that we feel that way! We spend pretty huge amount of our time at the office working. Atmosphere and the chemistry among colleagues, pleasant work load and efficient work facilities comes to my mind, if somebody would have asked me to list some things that have an impact to my well being in my working life. It is also very important that I enjoy the work that I’m doing and feel the flow when I’m working.

I became part-time entrepreneur in January when Happy Finn was born. It was significant and a big thing in my life. I can’t even explain why, but it has been my dream to be an entrepreneur. I recognise having these thoughts already in my childhood. It has always been very appealing to me when you feel yourself independent and you can work hard towards a goal you have set yourself. In my opinion, then you can feel that flow. I can get creative and make actions to achieve something. It feels like sitting in the front row or access VIP in this play of ours. Even when it has been rough and you feel tired, I have felt pure happiness. 

In my day job I am Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and I help our customers towards new career plans. I support them and walk beside them so they will take their first steps in a totally new field. It may sound funny, but for a long time I have wondered my own plans and what I want to do when I grow up. And the funniest thing is, that when you are trying to make your own plans that is the hardest thing ever. I think it’s important to stay in touch with your inner feeling, so that you can feel you are in the right place and doing the most suitable job you can imagine. If you can feel that, I think you are empowered and you are able to but effort in other elements of your career so you can feel satisfied.

Working life and the society is changing. There are going to be new and improved titles and job descriptions which are born from society’s new needs. I feel that the change offers lots of opportunities, but also bring threats to the workers. How are we able to learn everything that is necessary in the future. Especially those employees who are more at the end of their careers. In my opinion and in this hectic life where we are working it is important to stay in touch with the basics. To those things that make us happy – nature, family and our interests. Teams and work communities could head out to experience Finnish forests and leave those strategies, numbers and challenging cases to the workplace. It might do some good to laugh really hard together and see who is the real survivor in the woods. You never know, you might find your flow.


With inspiring thoughts,

Jenni, Happy Finn