Well-being from the forest

The past months have bee quite exceptional in many levels. COVID-19 has changed our daily life with isolation, working from home, temporary lay-offs and all sorts of restrictions. However, one thing has remained the same: forest.

The Finns have been so eager to spend time outdoors that the national parks especially in Southern Finland have been crowded. We are lucky to be surrounded by nature and that outdoor activities have not been restricted.

Going to forest especially during difficult times has been a part of “being Finnish” for ages. Forest offers comfort and safe zone; it calms down and takes away feelings of stress anxiety. Forest is like medicine. After work from home go to forest, move around, find new paths, stop and enjoy rain or sun or wind and let nature’s colors calm you down. The forest will take you in its arms and helps you to slow down and let go from the past and the future. Feel the moment and your innermost thoughts.

The good impacts of moving in nature affects mentally and physically. The more you spend time in forest, the bigger are the positive impacts to your well-being. Day trip in forest gives positive feelings which lasts even days after the trip. Even 15 minutes in forest lowers you blood pressure ja reduces the stress. Your feel yourself more creative and vital. In forest your capability to be attentive and present in the current moment enhances. Moving around in forest improves your balance, co-ordination, strength and different muscles.

The forest is amazing place with all different sounds: wind, birds, trees… The familiar sound as part of the silence will help you to relax and feel safe. You can find your inner silence in the forest. And did you know that recovery is stronger close to water? The sound of water, like murmuring brook or rain, are considered as calming. Have you ever been in the forest during rain or right after the rain? The air is as fresh as it can be and breathing in the smell of forest is the best you can offer to your well-being.

Enjoy the forest and give it a chance to make you feel better every day.

Kind regards, Ilona

Friend of Happy Finn

(Ilona Mäki is guest writer to Happy Finn blog. Her original text is in Finnish and was freely translated by Anne. Check out Ilona’s “Guide to well-being from the forest” – it is available only in Finnish, but pictures are marvelous 😊. Ilona is Tourism student at Kajaani University of Applied Scienses.)