With Happy Finn team it's always a joy to visit Naantali

Naantali is a perfect location to visit when you are planning your stay in Finland - and we at Happy Finn think that we are a perfect addition for travelling around Naantali.

We are hoping to offer a chance to experience a Finnish moment; walks in the forest, even if it's raining ‘cats and dogs’, having a coffee at bonfire, smell the fresh baked rolls in a typical Finnish home or enjoy your time with friends and get to know local design and crafts in the surrounding of a Finnish home. Naantali as a destination and Happy Finn can be whatever you want.

You can contact us if you want to create a perfectly tailor made package for you and your group. The sky in Naantali is the limit. We are pretty sure that we can offer you something really special and you will leave with a big smile on your face.


founder, partner
head of business and operations
+358 40 552 9798

”You can hear Kirsi’s laughter by far. She’s bubbly and creative, ideas just keep popping to her head. Kirsi is very fluent in any company and she does everything with a spark in her eyes. She always delivers what she promises, and more! She does everything with great passion and with her big heart full of gold. Kirsi is also a great listener and team player by nature. Kirsi knows everybody and is very talented at making contacts and networking. Kirsi will take care that everything will go smoothly and all our customers will have a smile on their faces when dealing with us. Wit this in mind we can promise you excellent service, quality, entertainment and of course experiences of a lifetime – you don’t have to worry about a thing, we have done that for you. (We couldn’t be more proud of our CEO). ”

With love,
Jenni & Anne

Contact Kirsi if you want to book our picnics, experiences or tailor made events for you or for your business and get to know what we are all about. Kirsi takes care of our sales and production of events. You can contact Kirsi by phone 040 552 9798 or via email kirsi@happyfinn.com.


co-founder, partner
head of creative and visual design
+358 40 721 8780

”Jenni is the sweetest. She has a natural talent to express everything with grace and understanding. Jenni’s vision and creative ideas will bring quality and a design to be remembered to Happy Finn. Everything will look exceptionally good when our visualist gets her hands on it. It’s a great pleasure to work with Jenni – and not just because she has a radiant smile. She is responsible and focuses on what she is working on. She has humor at heart and the ability to pay attention to other people that is heartwarming. With Jenni we can trust that Happy Finn can offer you a beautiful sight for your eyes with little details that turn into an everyday luxury.”

With love,
Anne ja Kirsi

Contact Jenni if you have suggestions about collaboration with our Happy Design experience. Jenni takes care of our marketing and visual design. You can contact Jenni by phone 040 721 8780 or via email jenni@happyfinn.com.


co-founder, partner
+358 40 738 7073

”Anne is the wise one. She understands and sees the big visions and she has unbelievable organisational skills. Anne directs us gently to the right path when we are all over the place. She is a natural negotiator and she can be her amazing self in any occasion. Anne has the biggest heart and that’s why she is trying to save the world. At the same time, she is taking care that everything Happy Finn does, is done by honouring nature. Anne can see the good in everything and everybody, which makes her an exceptional person. You can hear her laugh very easily and we are sure that all our customers and partners will feel the positive vibe that Anne spreads around her.”

With love,
Kirsi & Jenni

Contact Anne if you want to join us and be part of our Happy Finn concept or suggest a collaboration with us at Happy Finn. You can contact Anne by phone 040 738 7073 or via email anne@happyfinn.com.

Happy Finn produces experiences of a lifetime in Naantali, South-West Finland

Where should you go and what should you do, when you are visiting Naantali? We know and more importantly we can help you,because we know these hoods.

With us, travelling can be easy, full of quality, super fun and very Finnish.Book your very own picnic right away!

Our goal is to expand our network between agents, so we can offer more for our clients. For now we operate in Naantali and in South-West Finland. We hope that in the future we have found great partners all over Finland and we can spread this wonderful Finnish joy to all, no matter where in Finland. Happy Finn is your guarantee that all our picnics are made with love and high quality – just like we usually do here in Finland.

Hey contact us and ask an offer! We are happy to help!