Where to go and what to do in Naantali, Finland?

Experiences of a lifetime in Naantali, Finland

How does it feel when you don’t hear a thing? No sounds of traffic or noise from a big city? It is so quiet that you can hear your own breath, singing birds and the waves coming to the shore. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Light a match and bonfire by the sea. Your mind and body gets to relax in the silence. Experience a unique Finnish forest and summer cottage, and sauna by the shore. Walk in the woods and pick up some berries and mushrooms. What else would be a better way to get in touch with nature. Sit at the dock fishing and watch the water hitting the shore. Go and row a boat, see how the shore looks. When you want to break the silence you can throw darts, your boots or play Mölkky, a traditional Finnish outdoor game. You can also get to know the Finnish home or design. All these are available to you at our experiences in Naantali, Finland.

If you are wondering what to do in South-West Finland and you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime, book your very own picnic at Happy Finn. Your body and mind will thank you later - you get to enjoy the silence and basics of life.

So just contact us and we can offer you and your crew something special.

Happy Finn produces experiences of a lifetime in Naantali, South-West Finland

Where should you go and what should you do, when you are visiting Naantali? We know and more importantly we can help you,because we know these hoods.

With us, travelling can be easy, full of quality, super fun and very Finnish.Book your very own picnic right away!

Our goal is to expand our network between agents, so we can offer more for our clients. For now we operate in Naantali and in South-West Finland. We hope that in the future we have found great partners all over Finland and we can spread this wonderful Finnish joy to all, no matter where in Finland. Happy Finn is your guarantee that all our picnics are made with love and high quality – just like we usually do here in Finland.