Good to know

About Finnish seasons

Our nature transforms when the seasons change. The amount of natural light changes and sometimes it is so cold that you can feel it in your bones. During summertime it is usually warm and the sea water is warm enough to swim in it. We believe that these seasons affect us Finns and determine our way of life.


There is more natural light every day. In the middle of March the day is equally long in North Finland than in South Finland. Snow is melting away and there may be some floods. Birds are flying back to our country.


Finnish summer is very intensive, there is lots of natural light and the weather is warm. Mosquitos arrive and drive us crazy. On midsummer we don’t sleep at all because the sun doesn’t go down at all. There may be even +30 or more degrees outside and Finns crawl outside to the beach.


In the Fall nature is full of orange and yellow colours. Forests offer us wonderful ingredients like berries and mushrooms. Restaurant’s menus are usually full of these delicacies. Air temperature drops a little bit, but it’s fresh and cool. A great time to go outdoors! Finns are finishing their summer holidays and kids are going back to school.


Winter is a very peaceful time in nature. We have this period called “kaamos”, which means that the sun doesn’t go up at all above the horizon. Here in South Finland we have approximately four hours of natural light during the day and the light is almost blue coloured. We call it the blue moment. Air temperature is freezing, it can go as down as far as -20 degrees.

How to prepare yourself to our picnics

Like Finns in general, we don’t care about the weather. We will go to the woods even if it’s raining. We suggest that you have clothing that will suite the weather at hand. It is important that you have sufficient warm clothes during fall and winter seasons. There might be very windy moments and the possibility for rain is always there, so prepare for that too. In spring and summertime it is always recommended to have sufficient sun protection. Good shoes make the walk much more enjoyable. Rubber boots are a very good choice if it’s raining. We can provide a loan umbrellas and rain jackets on our picnics. When it’s dark we have flashlights.

Snacks during picnics

During our experiences we offer little snacks and beverages. If you have allergies or special diet, please remember to inform us when you book your picnic.

Finnish home

To us Finns, our home and family are the most important thing in the world. They represent safety, security and peacefulness. We are hoping that you honour these elements while visiting local homes. Be polite and shake their hands when you enter their home. When you leave it is nice if you say thank you and be grateful of the food that they have served. Finns don’t wear shoes inside their homes so take your shoes off when entering. We are pretty sure that you can take photos of the homes, but please ask for permission beforehand.

Paying your picnic

You can pay your picnic when you arrive. We accept debit and credit cards. Happy Finn Happening events charge by billing our client directly.


Happy Finn will insure you and your crew during our experiences. But we also recommend that you have your very own travel insurance taken care of.


Walks in the forest are not the best option if you are physically challenged. Please contact us if you are wondering what is the best option for you.


If you are not able to arrive, you should cancel your picnic the day before at a minimum. If the cancellation happens within 24 hours of when the picnic is supposed to begin, we will have to charge you the full price of that picnic.

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Our goal is to expand our network between agents, so we can offer more for our clients. For now we operate in Naantali and in South-West Finland. We hope that in the future we have found great partners all over Finland and we can spread this wonderful Finnish joy to all, no matter where in Finland. Happy Finn is your guarantee that all our picnics are made with love and high quality – just like we usually do here in Finland.