The Finnish forest is the best place to relax. Experience the nature in Naantali, Finland!

How does it feel when you don’t hear a thing? No traffic sounds or noise from the city? It is so quiet that you can hear your own breath, singing birds and waves coming to the shore. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Happy Forest is a walk in the forest, deep in the woods. After a walk you get to experience the enchanted atmosphere that you can sense in those forests, fresh air going into your lungs. We enjoy the sounds of the forest while sitting on a tree stump. All four seasons offer us a box of great treasures. In the fall you can pick berries and mushrooms. In the springtime you can hear the nature coming alive again after a cold winter. In the summer we just lay there and relax by watching the clear blue sky. Winter paints a whole different work of art for us. Trees are heavy from the snow and your own breath is steaming. Picnic snacks taste so delicious by the bonfire, no matter what the season is. We can offer you transportation back and forth in the Naantali area.

Happy Forest has also two options with a little different twists:

  • Happy Silence is a picnic where you just focus on the sounds of forests - you can tell your mobile phone goodbye, no one can reach you. Let’s enjoy the silence and birds singing. Let’s walk by the shore and hear the sound of waves. Allow yourself to stop and don’t worry about anything. Soon you can realize that you are connecting with nature on a whole different level.
  • Happy Darkness experience takes you to a forest without electricity. We are guided by stars and maybe a few flashlights. And you don’t have to be afraid, it is not scary. Darkness offers us a chance to forget the big city lights. You can calm yourself and focus on your senses. You get in touch with who you are and what is your place in this world.

If you are hoping to go outdoors, out in the fresh air and you are thinking what to do in Naantali, Finland - this is the right picnic for you!

What is Happy Forest?

  • Guided tour in the forests of Naantali, Finland.
  • Duration approx. 3 hours.
  • Destination; a local forest in Naantali, Finland. Let’s enjoy the forest and clean nature, and all the seasons Finland has to offer.
  • When? It’s always a great time to take a walk around the forest! Forests are always beautiful and you can visit them in every season.
  • We can offer you transportation back and forth in the Naantali area.
  • Something to nibble: At the bonfire picnics we offer coffee, beverages and little snacks.
  • 4-16 persons/picnic.
  • Price: 100€/person.
  • Extra cost: transportation outside Naantali area, or if your group is smaller or bigger (for example, if you want to have a picnic just for the two of you).
  • Alternative forest-picnics:
    • Happy Silence – What in the world is a full silence? No phones, no words, just the sounds of nature.
    • Happy Darkness – What is that darkness? No lights in sight. Forest picnic in winter.

So just contact us and we can offer you and your crew something special.