Happy Finn turns Finland into a feeling

We offer travel experiences, events and our very own products. Happy Finn exists because of the fact that Finland is the happiest country in the world.

Be cool, be Happy Finn

In Finland we have fresh air, nature that is one of a kind, clean food and an environment safe to be and live in. Happy Finn wants to bring all these elements of happiness available to everyone. Happy Finn’s goal is to get you to stop and listen, be happy in the moment. Finnish happiness means basically being happy about the little things. We go back to basics and enjoy those things, there’s no need for more. Our themes are Finnish details, flexibility, simplicity and quality. Joining us you can get to know our friends, Sisu, Rauha & Onni.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Don't worry, be Happy Finn

What they say about us

"Happy Finn picnics are a true temptation"

"Your logo is amazing and your name is unforgettable"

"When can we buy your cool bags and be like a Happy Finn"

"Happy Darkness sounds as crazy as it is"

"It's great that you offer us travellers a chance to get to experience Finnish nature"

"Our company is ready and eager to create an awesome event together"

Well-being from the forest

The past months have bee quite exceptional in many levels. COVID-19 has changed our daily life with isolation, working from home, temporary lay-offs and all sorts of restrictions. However, one thing has remained the same: forest.

Finnish love letter to a potato

We at Happy Finn were thinking about doing a blog post about traditional Finnish food. And we had a special friend to do it. And what is the perfect start to approach Finnish food – potatoes. Almost everybody has an opinion about how they like to eat their potatoes here in Finland. Our friend is passionate about potatoes and here she is telling you her side of the story.

Happy Finn Products – make a smile on yours and
your close ones’s faces

Even if it would rain or snow, or life just doesn’t give a reason to smile, you can still be a Happy Finn. You can buy your own Happy Finn -product to keep your spirits up even after the experience. Or if you are not able to join us, you can always shop for our cool Happy Finn products for yourself or your loved ones. By doing that you can be a part of spreading joy and the greatest secret in the world, Finnish happiness.

Order Happy Finn products directly to yours or your close one’s home! Just select products and fill in order form. Awesome!

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