We offer experiences that will leave you with memories from Naantali, Finland

Our story

Have you heard about our friends Sisu, Rauha and Onni? Even we don’t always remember them, even though we see each other all the time. They are close to our heart and they have been with us in our big moments in life. They are like us, Kirsi, Jenni and Anne. We have always enjoyed our time together with them. We can tell you a little about our friends.

Sisu (this means determination and strength in Finnish), he is really old. He has been here since the beginning of time. It’s always a good idea to count on him, if you need to conquer the world. Rauha (this means serenity and peace) has the most beautiful soul and she is very powerful. Now us being mothers to children of all ages, we sometimes miss Rauha. Onni (this means happiness) is hilarious! Onni is usually hiding. Her parents have told her to do so. In Finland we have this saying that when you find happiness, you should hide it. But when you find her, that’s life!

Finnish people are the happiest citizens in the world! Woohoo! But why?

Finnish people are happy when they get to go outdoors in a safe and clean nature, pick some berries and mushrooms in the forest, spend some time with friends, warm up the sauna and enjoy all four seasons. Finnish happiness comes from the little big things. Little things that have such a big meaning these days.

Us three women joined forces so that we can bring Finnish happiness available to everyone. We want you to stop, look and listen to the space around you. Be happy there and then.

Happy Finn is a concept that we want to launch widely here in Finland, but also worldwide. It is our honour that we can help you to recognise those basic elements of happiness, spread our positive message and be ambassadors for Finland. Finnish people are very straight and honest, we don’t say compliments or say that we are okay, if we don’t really feel that way.

Being Finnish is authentic gratitude that comes from the heart, it’s honest and usually doesn’t need words to implement it. Even if it rains or snows, or life doesn’t give any reason to smile, you can still be a Happy Finn. Come and join us in the forest, or if you don’t feel like it, you can always shop for our cool Happy Finn products for yourself or your loved ones. By doing that you can be a part in spreading joy and the greatest secret in the world, Finnish happiness.

It is important to us that our services and products implement these elements of Finnish happiness; clean and safe nature and environment, ecological values, simplicity, and by being away from the noise you can see differently and recognise important things and people.
Our goal is to create Happy Finn network: High quality services that can offer you experiences with Happy Finn touch.

Happy Finn - The best experience in Naantali, Finland

Happy Finn is a combination of all these qualities:

Happy Finn comes from the fact that Finland is the happiest country in the world. In Finland we have the most pure nature and clean food, fresh air and safe environment to be and live in. This is what we want to share with you.

Happy Finn wants to bring Finnish elements of happiness available to all travellers here in Naantali, Finland. We are offering Finnish experiences to travellers, events for companies and our very own Happy Finn products. We want to make it possible that you can take a moment and stop, stop to look and listen to your surroundings and be happy, right there and then. Finnish happiness comes from the little big things. We come back to basics and enjoy those everyday things. The combined qualities for our services are the magical Finnish touch, flexibility, simplicity and high quality. By joining us, you can get to know our friends Sisu, Rauha and Onni. They and we at Happy Finn are looking forward to see you!

Our idea is to create a network of Happy Finn actors and with their help we can get you to meet Sisu, Rauha and Onni - Finnish elements of happiness. We want to cherish ecological values and honour this beautiful nature of ours. When a traveller returns home maybe we have helped them to realise their own elements of happiness back home.

Our logo is simple but delightful and it is a sign of high quality and authenticity - we do things with Finnish punctuality, sincerity and with a spark in our eyes.

Our services are experiences in nature in the area of Naantali,Finland. We also produce events and we offer Happy Finn products. All these implement elements of our happiness.

Our partnership is efficient and agile, we deliver things with Finnish punctuality. We are hoping to develop a fun, flexible and versatile network of services around the country.

A piece of us, a piece of Finland and a peace to take with you around the world.

Happy Finn produces experiences of a lifetime in Naantali, South-West Finland

Where should you go and what should you do, when you are visiting Naantali? We know and more importantly we can help you,because we know these hoods.

With us, travelling can be easy, full of quality, super fun and very Finnish.Book your very own picnic right away!

Our goal is to expand our network between agents, so we can offer more for our clients. For now we operate in Naantali and in South-West Finland. We hope that in the future we have found great partners all over Finland and we can spread this wonderful Finnish joy to all, no matter where in Finland. Happy Finn is your guarantee that all our picnics are made with love and high quality – just like we usually do here in Finland.