Please join us at Happy Finn network

Happy Finn will coordinate other travelling agents in the Naantali area - we will offer experiences that can be produced by several agents in the area.

Please contact us if you want to spread authentic feel of Finnish happiness to travellers and you think that your input would be important to our concept. You can be a company, person or a society - if your style sounds a lot like Happy Finn, then you can be a part of our network.

Our partnership is efficient and agile, we deliver things with Finnish punctuality. We are hoping to develop a fun, flexible and versatile network of services around the country.

Our logo is a guarantee that you can be sure that you are getting high quality services

Please contact us!

Happy Finn produces experiences of a lifetime in Naantali, South-West Finland

Where should you go and what should you do, when you are visiting Naantali? We know and more importantly we can help you,because we know these hoods.

With us, travelling can be easy, full of quality, super fun and very Finnish.Book your very own picnic right away!

Our goal is to expand our network between agents, so we can offer more for our clients. For now we operate in Naantali and in South-West Finland. We hope that in the future we have found great partners all over Finland and we can spread this wonderful Finnish joy to all, no matter where in Finland. Happy Finn is your guarantee that all our picnics are made with love and high quality – just like we usually do here in Finland.